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Toby Zoellner

        Before T-N-T Fitness I was 351lbs. and was eating whatever I wanted, drinking 5-6 sodas a day, and not exercising, which was a perfect combination for an unhealthy lifestyle. I tried using pills and doing things myself, but I failed repeatedly.  T-N-T Fitness has helped me lose 130 pounds in 6 months by helping me put together a complete nutrition and exercise program. Being an overweight individual, I had no intension of going to the gym and the big reason why I started was the convenience of T-N-T Fitness coming to your home. Thanks to T-N-T Fitness I am in the best shape of my life and am actually comfortable with myself. If you follow T-N-T Fitness’s program you will be on your way to success.




Cindy Wilks

         As an older stay home mom I knew I had to do something to be able to keep up with my 5 year old. Going to the gym was not an option for me so when I heard about T-N-T Fitness and how they train in the convenience of your home, I knew I had to try it. I have lost and gained for years joining different gyms, and even doing weight watchers which were very expensive. In 2006, I got down to 143lbs. which is the lowest I have been, but with T-N-T Fitness they have dropped me from 178lbs. to 155lbs. and I look better at a heavier weight because of the muscle tone I now have. If I would not have started with T-N-T Fitness I would be at risk for type 2 diabetes, heart attack, hypertension, and obesity since it is hereditary in my family. I would recommend  T-N-T Fitness because I have wasted my money in the past, paying for memberships, dvds, and diet plans. Spend your money wisely and join T-N-T Fitness it is not a waste it is an investment in yourself.

Tosha and Brad Boyer

        Being a married couple and having three kids it is very hard to find time to exercise. Before T-N-T Fitness we were eating fast food, junk food, and whatever seemed easiest to make. The big eye opening experience was planning our vacation to the beach and realizing that we were uncomfortable with our bodies and didn’t like how our clothes were fitting. Neither of us has worn a swimming suit since the birth of our first child 10 years ago. We tried weight watchers, and crash diets which we just gave up on. T-N-T Fitness has helped us meet our goal of having a toned body and we are both comfortable wearing a swimsuit again. T-N-T Fitness has not only changed our lifestyle, but our whole family’s lifestyle. We now cook better for ourselves and our kids which gives them the knowledge of how to eat healthy to pass on to their family. The whole experience has been great for us and has made us closer as couple, having each other at our side the whole way kept us motivated each day so when one of us felt like giving up the other one was there to motivate the other to keep pushing. Big thanks to T-N-T Fitness for changing our life for the better.